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Any home can be flooded in the event of a mild or severe natural disaster. Most water main breaks or pipe malfunctions can’t always be predicted and businesses and homes in designated flood zones are the most susceptible to recurring damage. How can property owners protect their investments?

Here are a few ways you can prepare your home or business before there is a need for water damage restoration. Texas is well acquainted with the effects of flood and hurricane damage. Those of us blessed to be in the Lone Star State should be ever ready to keep our homes safe.
Prevent Water Damage Restoration Texas: When The Storm Is Coming
A weather event waits for no man and clogged water drains can occur even in a mild storm. When flooding and water damage are imminent, protect your home by running through this checklist of water damage prevention tips:

Safely shut off all electrical and other utilities to the home. This will help prevent internal damage and potential electrocution.
Unplug all large and small appliances to avoid having to replace them.
Move any valuables up from downstairs to the upper level or the attic.
Secure any loose items in waterproof storage bins. For larger items such as lawn furniture, secure them to a fixed point like a deck post or inside the garage.
Have sandbags or inflatable barriers ready and installed in strategic places. Pay special attention to basement access points, both windows and doors.
Clean out all debri from gutters and downspouts and regularly check for potential clogging hazards in your storm drains.
Don’t forget about your ducts! Especially in the flood zones of Texas, duct cleaning is a must. Schedule a service call with us today!
Stock up on necessary supplies, enough to see your family through at least a week without power or clean water.

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